OspreyJets was born out of a vision to provide private jet fliers with a better solution for their flying needs.

In a world of unreliable service, rigid fractional ownership models and over-promising jet cards, fliers were wanting more from the private jet industry- more reliability, more flexibility and more transparency. It was these needs that inspired OspreyJets to orchestrate a solution that no other jet provider was willing to offer.

Powered by the need for perfection, the most luxurious private jet experience ever offered is now available. With 100% attention to detail and complete flexibility for every trip, a 24/7 dedicated account manager and access to over 10,000 aircraft in our approved & safety vetted charter fleet, OspreyJets is like no other jet provider.

Welcome to the new frontier in private aviation: luxury, excellence and flexibility.

Quote your next trip with us to see the OspreyJets difference - better pricing, better service, uncompromising safety.



With access to our approved charter fleet of over 10,000 aircraft around the world, clients can be wheels up within 2 hours of booking. Travel on the newest and most desirable aircraft in every size category, from turboprops to VIP airliners under OspreyJets rigorous safety standards.



To ensure that you fly comfortably and safely, OspreyJets counts on experience but also specific and detailed research and evaluation of each and every operator, aircraft and pilot we place our clients with.

Wyvern — the gold standard in aircraft charter and crew analysis — has developed a unique platform to support private jet companies and the air charter industry. Their global database is maintained and analyzed on many levels. Further data is obtained from charter operators and monitored consistently. Wyvern’s data supplements reports, profiles, and analyzes systems to deliver the Wyvern Safety Intelligence Report (SIR) and Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS). Taking it one step further, OspreyJets chooses operators based on the categories below:

  1. Operator Rating on Wyvern (N/A, Registered, PASS, Wingman)

  2. Operator Rating on ARGUS (N/A, Gold, Gold+, Platinum)

  3. # Successful flights completed for OspreyJets (fleet)

  4. # Successful flights completed for OspreyJets (aircraft)

  5. # Years with current Part 135 Certificate

  6. # Aircraft in operator fleet

  7. Pilot situational experience (mountain airports, international routes, etc)

  8. Insurance carried by the operator

  9. Aircraft age

  10. Response Time

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